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Batman/Robin, Batman/Nightwing Slash

Everything else is here.  Really, I blame (thank?) Te for showing me what good fanfic looks like (and therefore giving me standards . . .).  BTW, if anyone is interested, here is Te’s smut manifesto.

Regarding Robin, I really only like Tim fics.  He’s a good kid, but he’s also not as compliant as Dick was (or seemed to be).  Of course, Dick showed them all what rebelling was all about and that counts for a lot, really.


Iconic by Te and Jack
Summary:  When Gotham gives you architecture like that, it must be used.
Ratings Note: NC-17.
My Warnings/Opinion:  Bottom!Nightwing, Bottom!Batman (so hot!).  In my old tagging system, all I have other than what I’ve already written is: “Home run!”  Heh.  This is a good one.  Really good.  Top notch.

Batman/Robin (Tim)

A mean arithmetic by Te
Summary: Tim is an analytical sort. Bruce is an interesting subject.
Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17. Content some readers may find disturbing.
My Warnings: Blow jobs, hand jobs

The Air, You Breathe by Te
Summary:  Batman and Robin vs. The Terrible Slash Cliché!
Ratings Note: NC-17. Content some readers may find disturbing.
My Warnings/Opinion:  Bottom!Robin (Tim), Sex Pollen, dub-con (sort of), first time, hand jobs, rimming, drugged (kind of goes with the bit about the sex pollen), chan (I think, since I’m not real sure how old Tim is here), begging, sex on hood of the Batmobile (whoo!).

Like I said, I don’t really care if it’s chan–especially if they’re both drugged and Tim is a teenager.

But yet so irresistible by Te
Summary:  Bruce and Tim bond.
Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17. Contains content some readers may find disturbing.
My Warnings/Opinion: foreplay, hand jobs, blow jobs

For a long time, I had this one tagged in my bookmarks with these words:  “Best one.”  I’ll let you make your own opinions though.

Doesn’t Let Go by Jane St Clair
Summary:  There’s blood everywhere, and Tim won’t let go of him.
Warnings: Underage, hurt/comfort
My Warnings/Opinion: It’s rated as Explicit, but I think the author could move it down to Mature. Frottage. I really like this one, despite a few issues (like Batman’s wearing some of his armor, and then he’s miraculously naked?).  Trauma aftermath.

Something greater to catch by Te
Summary: It’s thrilling and terrifying and strange, and there is no comfort in familiarity.
Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17. Contains content some readers may find disturbing.
Warnings: Chan, Bottom!Robin (Tim)

Teeth by Te
Summary: Negotiation is an art form, and a game.
Ratings Note/Warnings: NC-17. Content some readers may find disturbing.
My Warnings:  chanish, first time, Bottom!Robin (Tim), anal

Underage Non-Con or Dub-Con

This is fiction.  And what’s more, I didn’t even write all of these (just one or two, maybe).  I’m just cataloging their existence.  I’ll mention the length if it’s worth mentioning.  🙂

Harry Potter

Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy

Despoiled – by LiterarySpell
Summary:  Snape takes the role of babysitter very seriously.
Warnings:  extreme chan (Draco is seven), coercion, dub-con, non-con
My Warnings:  Bottom!Draco, rimming

Severus Snape/Hermione Granger

For the Cause – by Paronomania
Summary:  Alone in a dubious part of Wizarding London, Hermione is rescued by Snape, whose protection is as bad, or worse, than the danger from which she was fleeing.
Warnings: Bestiality, Anal, A2M, Dark, Chan/Loli, Teacher-Student

Severus Snape/Harry Potter

Absolution by Rushlight
Summary: Snape is forced to make a difficult decision when Harry is captured by Death Eaters, and they both have to find a way to deal with the aftermath.
My Warnings: Non-con, death eaters, snarry, drugged
Length:  Worth mentioning, but I haven’t a clue how long it is (not listed).

The Cruelty of Severus Snape by orphan_account
Summary:  Severus Snape doesn’t hate children, as most think. He loves them. Especially when they cry.
Warnings:  SS/hp chan, first year, spanking
Length:  3K

Detention by isidore13
Summary:  Severus Snape takes care of a sexually abused Harry Potter.
Warnings:  Rape/Non-Con, Underage
My Warnings:  Finger fucking, chan(11), mentions of past sexual abuse, and fluff, strangely enough

Mistaken Identity by AmanitaMuscaria
Summary: Severus has plans for Harry. Somewhat altered to allow further chapters. They’re not mine; I just take them out and play with them. I clean them off when I’m done
Warnings: chan, underage sex, non-con, please don’t go here if you don’t like these things!

Thicker Than Water by swtalmnd
Summary:  Snape comes across Harry in a vulnerable moment, and devises a plan to tie Harry’s loyalties to him.
Warnings:  rimming, manipulation, mpreg, knickers, mischief, mush, chan(11)
My Warnings:  Bottom!Harry.  Harry is starved for affection and Severus is willing to give it. It’s really only dub-con in the beginning.
Length:  22K, Complete

Harry Potter/Severus Snape

A Twisted Harry by lastcrazyhorn
Summary: Harry pulls one on Severus and gets something he’s wanted for awhile. It is also an alternate direction that my Breaking Forwards (FF.net) story could have gone in. Standalone. AU to an AU.
My Warnings: Anal, dub-con, blow jobs, drugged, Bottom!Snape, Bottom!Harry

Severus Snape/Neville Longbottom

Living Up to Expectations by Good_Witch
Summary:  Madam Pomfrey has to leave the hospital wing in Snape’s care. But the treatment Neville receives when he shows up after curfew is anything but therapeutic.
Warnings:  abuse, sexual abuse, non-consensual, sexual violence
My Warnings/Opinion:  Neville isn’t exactly underage, but he is in school as a 7th year.  Sounding (with a wand).  Aphrodisiac cream.
Length:  4.5K

Vernon Dursley/Harry Potter

Filthy Freak by Pickled Rellish
Summary: Eight year old Harry Potter could honestly say that he didn’t know where he stood with his Uncle. Sometimes, his Uncle hated him, other times, he loved him. But Harry always feels like a…
Warnings: Chanslash, non-con, incest

Death Eaters/Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy/Harry Potter

Fall by bamma
Summary: AU! Harry is kidnapped during the last Hogsmeade weekend. Rescued by Draco and Severus, can Harry learn to live again?
My Warnings: Needs_a_beta, non-con, ParentSev, Fluff, Adoption, OOC, deaging, chan, abuse, kidnapping, recovery, resorting, Violence, Interesting_Yet_Annoying
Length:  Just over 50K

Marcus Flint/Draco Malfoy

Make It Better by Inell
Make It Better (an alternative link, should Skyehawke be down)
Summary:  During second year, Draco is sore after practice. Marcus offers to make it better. Unfortunately Draco has no idea what ‘making it better’ will entail.
Warnings:  Chan, non-con/dubious consent (Marcus/Draco)
My Warnings:  Bottom!Draco
Length:  One-shot

Peter Pettigrew/Draco Malfoy

The Guantlet by Marks
Summary:  Not everyone’s first time includes sweet fumblings and scented candles.
Warnings:  DM/PP (2nd in the “Rich Man” series, non-con, cross-dressing, violence)
My Warnings:  Bottom!Draco
Length:  Just over 2K, one-shot

Remus Lupin/Ron Weasley, Severus Snape

Sleep Aid by Turbosized
Summary: Snape watches Professor Lupin help Ron to relax
Prompt: Snape as a guilty voyeur watches surprising events unfold in the Hogwarts castle on one of his nightly rounds of Gryffindor-and-Potter-hunting…
Warnings: Chan (Ron’s 3rd year), Voyeur, dub-con
My Warnings: Finger fucking, hand job, blow job


  • Dick Grayson

Batman/Robin (Dick)

Consequent by Te
Summary:  Dick takes a nap. Things go badly.
Ratings Note/Warnings: R. Contains content some readers may find disturbing.
My Warnings:  Mind fuck, hand job

  • Tim Drake

Batman/Robin (Tim)

A boy like that by Te
Summary:  Batman gets dosed with a drug via the Scarecrow that REMOVES fear/inhibitions etc.
My Warnings:  Dub-Con, Bottom!Robin (Tim), Drugged (Batman), spanking, bondage (circumstantial)

Chronicles of Narnia

  • Eustace Scrubb

Eustace Scrubb/Prince Rilian

Fumbling in the Dark by Angelike Riddle (eosrose)
Summary:  As the four companions make their way through the darkness of the Underworld, certain truths come to light. Years of living under a dark enchantment have left their mark on the young Prince Rilian.
Warnings:  First time, The Silver Chair, dub-con, POV Third Person (I wish people would put warnings up for First Person), Past Tense.
My Warnings:  Chan (is it still chan if it’s between two people who are both underage?), hand job

  • Prince Rilian

Prince Rilian/The Green Lady (Het?  I’m listing het?)

Mandolin Purr by voleuse
Summary: But the less you noticed it, the more it got into your brain and your blood.
Warnings: Dub-Con, The Silver Chair
My Warnings: Vague. Extremely vague. But still enough to give one a chill here and there.  Oh, and it’s het.

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