I'm sort of picky when it comes to fanfiction.

Dean Martin RPF Slash

I gotta say, it’s pretty hard to find slash for Dean Martin (why on earth was I looking?).  And then, since my standards are kind of high, it’s even harder to find good Dean Martin slash.  I did succeed, but just a bit.

All In A Night’s Work by the_widow_twankey
Summary:  A stranger helps things along.
Pairing:  Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin/Original Female Character
Warnings:  Cunnilingus, Vaginal Sex, Intercrural Sex, Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs, she doesn’t even have a name ‘original character’ is a bit generous, Threesome – F/M/M

I Knew You Well And Found You Fair by prairiestar
Summary:  Dean entertains the idea of something new between himself and his partner. Then he tests the waters.
Pairing:  Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin
Warnings:  First Time, period typical internalized homophobia, 1940s, rat pack, Hotel Sex, First Time Blow Jobs, First Time Hand Jobs

Rehearsal by lapenserosa
Summary: Sex in a dressing room, simple as that.

This is the results of Sinatra looking so sexy stretched out in that barber chair in Robin and the 7 Hoods and too many Martin and Lewis clips….and random angst thrown in, just ’cause, ya know, I wrote this.
Pairing:  Jerry Lewis/Dean Martin
Warnings:  Period-Typical Homophobia, Hand Jobs, Angst and Porn, Anal Sex, Fantasizing, Semi-Public Sex

Stand-in by orphan_account
Summary:  Frank insists Dean wear a dress and make-up when he goes to Dean’s hotel room. Dean has trouble dealing with the implications.
Pairing:  Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin
Warnings:  Forced Feminization, Forced Crossdressing, Internalized Homophobia, Gender Roles, Dubious Consent, Fantasizing, Little Black Dress, Banter, Pet Names, Friends With Benefits, Blow Jobs, Kissing, Angst, Angst and Porn

The Visit by AllTrekkedUp
Summary:  A gift for The Widow Twankey.
Pairing:  Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin
Warnings:  Smut,very little plot
My Warnings:  Anal sex, bottom!Frank

Asexual Faves

Hey, I’m alive!  Trying to update the lists here.  Don’t be surprised if you find something new.

Batman ‘verse

Hugging Batman is a Bad Idea by alienfairyprincess
Summary: An adventure involving two villains, three heroes, and at least one hungry pitcher plant. Some cute fluff with Harley and Ivy, Batman getting hugs, etc.. Inspired by Batman the Animated Series.

This is going to follow my own personal headcanon of Poison Ivy being asexual and just being brilliant at weaponizing the fact that people (often men) choose to sexualize her anyways. *shrugs shoulders* the plant jokes are just too good, sorry
Pairing:  Pamela Isley/Harleen Quinzel
Warnings: Asexual Character, Batman the animated series – Freeform, Cute gays, Occasional swearing, Harley loves kissing people, Ivy is used to weaponizing affection, lots of hugging, Batman needs hugs too ok, Just probablyyy preferably not from Poison Ivy, I don’t know all the canon stuff so if i messed up these characters forgive me, Canon Disabled Character, be gay do crime, Batfamily (DCU)
My notes:  crack, anyone?

The Most Terrifying Thing by  for Goodluckdetective (scorpiontales)
Summary:  Tim has a secret he has been keeping, one that he feels even he only barely understands. He’s worried what others are able to accept, of how it may change things. He just doesn’t want anyone to know.
Warnings:  Accidental Outing, Asexual Character, Hurt/Comfort

Doctor Who

An Odd Pair by stcrmpilot
Summary:  Donna realizes that her friendship with the Doctor (10) doesn’t look quite like the ones she’s used to.
Warnings:  Gen Work, Light Angst, Humor, Fluff, Platonic Cuddling, Alien Cultural Differences, Alien Gender/Sexuality, Miscommunication, Asexual Doctor (Doctor Who), Aromantic Doctor (Doctor Who)

Does Spooning Work as Superglue? by AngelCuttingOnions
Summary:  Jack and the Doctor were there when one of them needed to feel something besides numbness or pain. They’d seen too much, their eyes showing every hurt, every failure, every heartbreak they’d ever had.
Pairing:  Ninth Doctor/Jack Harkness
Warnings:  Asexual Doctor (Doctor Who), Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Hurt/Comfort, Asexual Character

Harry Potter ‘verse

Ain’t Got That Sex Appeal by Tobalerone
Summary:  Harry’s boyfriend, Tom Riddle, loves to see Harry naked—can get aroused from just a bit of exposed skin. Harry can’t quite understand it.
Pairing:  Harry Potter/Tom Riddle
Warnings:  Asexual!Harry, Established Relationship, Alternate Universe – Modern Setting, Sexual Content, Fooling Around in the Shower, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Hand Jobs

Best Friends, of course by AKAwestruck
Summary:  After a bewildering interaction with Hermione, Harry learns that some people think romance is important. Luckily, Snape does not.
Short snippets of a world in which almost none of the Harry Potter plot is relevant.
Pairing:  Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Warnings:  Asexual Character, Aromantic Character, Queerplatonic Relationships, Snippets, Alternate Universe – Forget Canon, Age Difference

The Detentions, Or, Five Times Severus Snape Caught Charlie Weasley After Curfew (And One Time He Didn’t) by afinch
Summary:  Snape looks at Charlie and sees a lot of himself.
Charlie looks at Snape and finds an unlikely friend.
Pairing:  Severus Snape/Charlie Weasley
Warnings:  Asexual Character, Asexuality, Asexual Relationship, 5 Times, Pre-Relationship, Pre-Canon, Canon Compliant, Rare Male Slash Exchange 2017, Treat Fic, Pre-Goblet of Fire, Bullying

Something New by Nahiel
Summary:  With his children now at adulthood and his marriage to Ginny Weasley over, Harry is ready to start over as Hogwarts’ new Defense Against Dark Arts professor. He’s convinced that he’s going to live his life alone but Neville isn’t so sure that’s what’s actually going to happen. Neither quite understand their sexualities, but can they make things work together?
Pairing:  Neville Longbottom/Harry Potter
Warnings:  Asexual Harry, Asexual Neville, Divorce
Length:  41,525

Teen Wolf

An Act of Caring by Mysenia
Summary: Release may be the end goal but the act itself meant so much more.
Pairing:  Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Asexual Character, Asexual Peter Hale, Fluff and Smut, Daddy Kink

Better Than Sex by SushiOwl
Summary: Peter likes Stiles. But Stiles has a secret he’s sure will ruin everything. It’s the end of the world.
Pairing:  Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Asexual Stiles Stilinski, Good Peter Hale, most or less, Sarcasm, Demons, Minor Injuries, is a broken bone minor?, we’ll say it is, Gift Giving, courting, references to old muscials, Caretaking, Caring Peter

Domestic Bliss and Other Nonsense by moonstalker24
Summary:  “So, I think we should get married.”

Peter chokes, fumbles for a second, then manages to set his mug of tea down on the coffee table. He turns to look at Stiles, who is sprawled over the end of the couch, flipping through an old book.

“What?” Peter asks.

Stiles turns bright amber eyes on the stunned werewolf. “We should get married.”


“So all the books can be in one place.”
Pairing:  Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Asexual Character, Asexual Relationship, Asexual Stiles, Asexual Peter, domestic steter, Tooth-Rotting Fluff
My Notes:  Wonderful

Domestic Bliss and Rubber Ducks by moonstalker24
Summary:  Two years after getting married, Stiles and Peter Stilinski-Hale take on a new challenge because Scott is a little bit of a failwolf. Learning how to be parents and all the things that go with it.

Stiles melts into a gooey puddle that he will never admit to anyone, ever. Peter is asleep on his back, one arm trailing on on the floor, the other one is draped over the back of the tiniest person Stiles has ever been within three feet of. Dark brown curls and little pointed werewolf ears and two chests rising in tandem with each other.
Pairing:  Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Asexual Stiles Stilinski, Asexual Character, Asexual Peter Hale, Werebabies, stiles and peters a+ parenting, Derek is a Failwolf, but we love him anyway, Learning to Parent, werewolf style, scott is a failwolf too, all the fluffies, just all the fuzzies

it’s not the color i came in by nezstorm
Summary:  Stiles is a bit of an anomaly among the Omegas he knows, or everyone on the spectrum really.  For him, heats are about comfort and safety, and not at all about sex.
Pairing:  Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Omega Stiles Stilinski, Alpha Peter Hale, Asexual Stiles Stilinski, Alternate Universe – Library, Librarian Stiles, Good Peter Hale, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Humor, Fluff, Angst, Misunderstandings, courting, Food, Developing Relationship, Asexuality, Lekking, Allergies, sex repulsed character
My Notes:  *sniffles loudly*

Life Is What You Bake It by neglectedtuesday
Summary: “You’re not broken Mr. Stilinski, nor are you a freak,” Deaton says, reaching into a drawer and searching for something, “You are simply asexual.”

“Asexual?” The word tastes heavy in Stiles mouth but it doesn’t feel wrong.

“Asexuality is not uncommon in society,” Deaton continues, finding what he was looking for. Unsurprisingly it’s a pamphlet. “There are lots of omegas, betas and alphas are asexual or a form of asexuality. There are many chat forums and websites that cater specifically to asexuality. Obviously you will not be required to go to play-mating classes anymore and if you so wish you can remain off the suppressants.”

Stiles clutches the pamphlet in his hands. Asexual. Not broken, just asexual. It’s a word that Stiles can definitely get used to.
Pairing:  Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alternate Universe – Bakery, Asexual Stiles Stilinski, Minor Allison Argent/Scott McCall, Baked Goods Galore, Omega Stiles Stilinski, Beta Peter Hale

The Parts Of Sex Pollen Fics That No One Wants To Admit Happens by Bam4Me
Summary: Sometimes, sex pollen doesn’t work like people want it to. Sometimes people won’t choose to get fucked over choosing to die. Sometimes, people are fine with that.
Warnings:  Sex Pollen, Sex Or Death, Stiles Chose Death, suicide talk, Suicide, kind of, Depression, Depressed Stiles, asexual!Stiles, Stiles Refuses To Be Raped To Survive
My Notes:  sad

smells like love by Areiton
Summary:  They smell like warm love and want.
That isn’t the problem.
The problem is they smell like sex.
Pairings:  Chris Argent/Peter Hale, Chris Argent/Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski, Chris Argent/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Getting Together, Domestic Fluff, Established Relationship, Asexual Character, Relationship Negotiation, Werecreature Stiles Stilinski, First Kiss, Pining, Mutual Masturbation

Waiting for Pack by DiscontentedWinter, hisaribi
Summary:  This isn’t the first time Stiles has woken up in a different world.
This isn’t the first time that Peter has been caught in a place where time doesn’t exist.
Except this time they have each other.
Pairing: Peter Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings: Asexual Stiles Stilinski, Magical Stiles Stilinski

Way Better Than Flowers by orphan_account
Summary: “So yeah, if you wanna date me, you can look forward to movie nights, homemade cookies, and absolutely no sex,” Stiles concludes, hope swelling in his chest as Derek gives him a thoughtful look. “Cuddling and forehead kisses are negotiable.”
Pairing:  Derek Hale/Stiles Stilinski
Warnings:  Asexuality, Fluff, asexual!Stiles, asexual!Derek

Part 1 is here. My list continues. Pages 23-50 of my favorites list from AO3. I will devote another post to 35k+ completed fics that have primarily non-con in them. And of course there will be some crossovers between this list and a few others. Alas.

Batman ‘verse

Bad Jokes by hahaharley
Summary: Harley sees a case that could make her career. The Joker sees a naïve young therapist with a breakable mind. Swiftly, he lures her into a downward spiral, resulting in her defeat and rebirth as Harley Quinn, the only one capable of surviving at his side.
Warnings: Psychological Drama, Thriller, Suspense
My Notes: Awesome Harley Quinn POV meets Joker loses her mind proves herself kinda fic. 🙂
Pairing(s): Joker (DCU)/Harleen Quinzel
Rating: Not rated
Length: 113k

Buffy the Vampire Slayer ‘verse

Old Blood by dustandroses
Summary: When Spike and Xander accidentally get caught up in a dangerous spell, it sets them on a course that could have deadly consequences for them both.
Warnings: First Time, Dom/sub, Rough Sex, Demons Made Them Do It Under A Spell, Hurt/Comfort, Bondage, Consensual Discipline, Blood Play
My Warnings: Bottom!Spike, Dominant!Xander
Pairing(s): Xander Harris/Spike
Rating: Explicit
Length: 35k

Criminal Minds ‘verse

Teen Spirit by LoveChilde
Summary: They’ve learned to expect the unexpected, but this was something new. When an unexpected twist leaves only Agent Rossi above the legal driving age, the team races against time to solve the case and restore their old(er) selves. Gen, case fic, no pairings, supernatual overtones
Warnings: Case Fic, Kid Fic, Supernatural Elements
Rating: Teen
Length: 108k

Harry Potter ‘verse

A Desperate Cry for Help: An Epistolary Tale Part One by vernie_klein
Summary: After the Department of Mysteries Fiasco, all Harry wants to do is grieve in peace. Unfortunately for him, his friends and family are going to do anything in their power to keep that from happening. The beatings Harry received before the start of 3rd year have started up again now that Sirius is gone. Will his friends be there for him or will he make new friends?
Warnings: Epistolary, Manipulative Dumbledore, Evil Dumbledore, Child Abuse, Hogwarts Sixth Year, ron is a prat, Vernon Dursley is the biggest jerk, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, Suicidal Thoughts, Owls loving each other, AU after end of 5th year, underage-Harry is only 15 at the start, hurt!harry, not so evil evil!Voldemort, First Time
Pairing(s): Voldemort/Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy/Blaise Zabini, Past Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Past Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy, Archimedes/Hedwig, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter, Narcissa Black Malfoy/OMC, Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy, Ronald Weasley/His Hand, Theodore Nott/Hermione Granger
Rating: Explicit
Length: 68k

Birth of a Dancing Star by asecretchord
Summary: After the fall of Voldemort, Harry Potter fell in love with Severus Snape—and that is where our story begins. All Harry wanted was a quiet year to finish his education, but when the Sorting Hat raises the spectre of Voldemort reborn and Luna is telling him he’s going to change the world, a quiet year becomes impossible.
Warnings: Mpreg, Drama, Romance, Politics
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood/Draco Malfoy, Ginny Weasley/Michael Corner
Rating: Explicit
Length: 241k

The Coiners’ Paper Trail by oliversnape
Summary: The Ministry needs to approve Severus Snape’s application for him to start his life again after the war. Harry Potter has set himself up with a non-dangerous specialist muggle career. Neither have been particularly good at avoiding trouble for long.
Warnings: Asexuality
My Notes: Masturbation (from both) and fellatio and rimming (from Snape) and ultimately bottom!Snape. Which was slightly more funny than sexy, but meh. 🙂
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Explicit
Length: 63k

The Definition of Home by oliversnape by oliversnape
Summary: Harry runs into Snape while trying to find the definition of home, and finds himself drawn into Snape’s summer Order task by the headmaster, looking for a location outside of London. Along the way, he and Snape learn a few new definitions themselves.
Warnings: Mentors, Adoption, Father-Son
Rating: Not rated
Length: 76k

The Definition of Family by oliversnape by oliversnape
Summary: Sequel to the Definition of Home. Now back at Hogwarts, Harry balances school and his home life as he prepares to face Voldemort and learns to trust Snape’s guidance. Along the way they both learn that family also means support.
Warnings: Mentors, Disability, Adoption, Father-Son Relationship
Rating: Not rated
Length: 86k

No Sign of Love by asecretchord
Summary: Outed by the Daily Prophet, Harry escapes the Wizarding World and ends up on the streets. Desperate and in fear for his life, he Apparates to ‘somewhere safe’ and winds up in the entryway of the last person he expected to see.
Warnings: Drama, Angst, Romance
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Mature
Length: 52k

The Same Coin by Meri
Summary: After being injured as an Auror, Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts to teach Defense Against The Dark Arts.
Warnings: AU, pre-HBP, Post-War
My Warnings: bottom!Severus, Bottom!Harry, Virgin!Severus
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Not Rated
Length: 51k

Sanguis Reatus by HecatesKiss
Summary: Due to a botched ritual on the longest night of the year, Harry has become something unheard of in the wizarding world – a living vampire. Harry must now determine how to kill Tom Riddle, avoid a meddling Headmaster, and keep from going into blood lust all while dealing with a typical school year. And he can’t seem to keep from watching his Defense Professor. He’s not certain if it’s just for the blood, or something more. Merlin help him.
Warnings: Not Canon Compliant, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, vampire!Harry, Explicit, Sexual Content, Male Slash, Sub!Severus
My Warnings: Top!Harry, protective!harry
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Past Neville Longbottom/Harry Potter
Rating: Explicit
Length: 118k

Three Men by Celandine, cruisedirector
Summary: A werewolf, a Death Eater and the Chosen One walked into a bar…
Warnings: Lots and lots of warnings, including watersports
Pairing(s): Remus Lupin/Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: Explicit
Length: 54k

Warping Circumstances by deritine
Summary: Harry gets sent back in time and across dimensions because… well, there doesn’t really seem to be a reason why. Life is kind of awesome here. But Harry’s full of Horcruxes and this world is ripe for the taking- he just has to prevent himself from going insane and becoming the next Dark Lord. Helpfully, he’s regressed to a child.
Warnings: Non-Human Rights, Mental Health Issues, Crack Treated Seriously, Slytherin Harry, Good Slytherins, Humor, Dumbledore Gets The Short End of the Stick, Started out Serious but I can’t write Serious Things, Blood and Gore, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Fluff and Crack, Parseltongue, Paselmagic is Not Useful, Dimension Travel, Age Regression/De-Aging, Horcruxes
My Warnings: Daddy!Tom
Rating: Mature
Length: 81k

Xerosis by Batsutousai
Summary: Harry’s world ends at the hands of those he’d once fought to save. An adult-Harry goes back to his younger self fic. Semi-super!Harry
Warnings: Alternate Universe, Dark!Harry, evil!Harry, semi-super!Harry
My Warnings: best fic ever, Ravenclaw!Harry, Master of Death!Harry, Dementor!Harry (ish)
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Voldemort, Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley
Rating: Teen
Length: 134k

Smallville, Batman Movies (Nolan) ‘verses

Redemption by meyari
Summary: Clark and Lex are kidnapped, tortured and nearly killed. Once they escape, the adventure really begins. Can they find what they lost while they were trapped? Will it be enough for them to be able to go on?
Warnings: Angst, Alternate Reality, Torture, Threesome
My Warning: Non-graphic
Pairing(s): Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent/Lex Luthor
Rating: Explicit
Length: 35k

NCIS ‘verse

“Andy” by Xanthe
Summary: Summary: When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to go on an emotional journey and face up to the events of a time long past.

Extract: Gibbs had been waiting for a dead body to turn up, and it seemed one just had – only not the way he’d expected. This was one of those bodies that had been hidden for seventeen years, and those kinds of corpses always stank to high heaven when they finally rose to the surface.
Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Daddy Issues, Romance
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: Mature
Length: 47k

High and Tight by thecookiemomma
Summary: In the process of investigating a case, Gibbs and Tony ingest some sort of powder. They have to deal with the consequences of the experiment while trying to solve one of the toughest cases they’ve had in a while.
Warnings: Forced Bonding, Case Fic, dark themes
Pairing(s): Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs
Rating: Explicit
Length: 71k

Ten Years On by Xanthe
Summary: McGee is Director of NCIS, Gibbs is raising a small child, and Tony is teetering on the brink of total self-destruction – a lot has happened in ten years…

Extract: “Tony is out of control, Gibbs – you know it and I know it. One of these days he *will* get himself killed. I’m sure of it.”
Warnings: Futurefic, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance, Action, Drama, Kidfic
My Notes: kidnapping of a small child, suspense, nail biting, angst
Pairing(s): Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: Teen
Length: 40k

Under 1k Faves (Part 1)

While strolling through my faves, I found a number of fics that ran fewer than 1000 words. As mentioned before, this is me going through my favorites list(s), so this could run a while. I do suspect that most of these will be slash. *cackles and cracks knuckles*

Unlike my completed fics of 35k+, these are being pulled from the BACK of my favorites list. Page 50 through 41.

Criminal Minds ‘verse

On the Dotted Line by writing2death
Summary: “What are you doing?” Reid smiles against his neck, “I’m tracing my name,” he says.
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/Spencer Reid
Rating: Teen and Up
Length: 291

Pleasure Toy by lovetheboys (This one requires an AO3 account)
Summary: Request: Emily/JJ – Handcuffs and a strap-on, anyway you please.
Warnings: Femslash
Pairings: JJ Jareau/Emily Prentiss
Rating: Explicit
Length: 932

The Unprofessionals by Kirsten
Summary: He’s never felt more unprofessional in his life.
Warnings: Gags, Dom/Sub, Orgasm Delay/Denial
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner/David Rossi
Rating: Explicit
Length: 687

Harry Potter ‘verse

The Frog Prince by busaikko
Summary: “Ribbit,” Severus said impatiently.
Warnings: Animal Transformation, Double Drabble, Crack
My Warnings: Snupin, fluff
Pairings: Remus Lupin/Severus Snape
Rating: General
Length: 200

Our Little Secret by This Girl Is (non_sequential)
Summary: Slughorn has more reasons than the obvious to fear being captured by the Death Eaters, or sharing a certain memory.
Warnings: Underage Sex, Teacher-Student Relationship
My Warnings: Blowjobs
Pairings: Tom Riddle/Horace Slughorn
Rating: Teen and Up
Length: 462

Ring of Fire by Ellen Smithee (ellensmithee)
Summary: Teh healing buttsecks – literally.
Warnings: Dialogue-Only, Healing Sex
Pairings: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Explicit
Length: 719

NCIS ‘verse

I’m Only Sleeping by georgiesmith
Summary: Drabble Prompt: TV Tropes – Only One Bed
My Warnings: implied Gibbs wants (Tony doesn’t/isn’t aware)
Pairings: Gibbs/DiNozzo
Rating: General
Length: 100

Sanctum Sanctorum by karaokegal
Summary: N/A
Warnings: Drabble, Slash, Humor
Pairings: Jethro Gibbs/Tobias Fornell
Rating: Teen and Up
Length: 100

show me yours & I’ll show you mine by coffeesuperhero
Summary: N/A
Warnings: Femslash
My Warnings: Drunk Sex, Fingering
Pairings: Abby/Caitlin
Rating: Mature
Length: 536

Wake Up Call by Webbgirl
Summary: Tony gives Gibbs a wake up call he won’t forget.
Warnings: Smut
My Warning: blow job
Pairings: Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs
Rating: Explicit
Length: 867

Stargate SG-1 ‘verse

Walls Have Ears by jdjunkie
Summary: People are having sex, Daniel’s fascinated, Jack wants to sleep.
Pairings: Daniel Jackson/Jack O’Neill
Rating: Explicit
Length: 986

Star Trek ‘verse

A Sense of Smell by syredronning
Summary: Body fluids and D/s.
Warnings: Urine Mirror Universe Dom/sub
Pairings: Leonard McCoy/Spock
Rating: Explicit
Length: 462

Before I Go by walkthegale
Summary: For the prompt “Beverly Crusher/Kate Pulaski; before I go.” on cosmic_llin’s Trek Femslash Comment Ficathon.
Warnings: Femslash, Female Characters, Drunk Sex, Drunkenness, Goodbyes
Pairings: Beverly Crusher/Katherine Pulaski
Rating: Teen and Up
Length: 594

Fuse by Saucery
Summary: This is how it happens.
Warnings: Pon Farr, First Time, Telepathy, Pre-Slash, Restraint, Control Issues
Pairings: James T. Kirk/Spock
Rating: Mature
Length: 307

Need by Alara J Rogers
Summary: “Make me forget who I am,” Q whispers to him, hoarsely, his arms pulling Picard to him as if Picard is a talisman, the only shield he has against the horrors of mortality. “Make me forget I was ever anything other than this.”
Warnings: Q as human
My Warnings: bottom!Q, vulnerable Q
Pairings: Jean-Luc Picard/Q
Rating: Mature
Length: 945

Please, Bones by whiteraven1606
Summary: Written for a prompt at a LiveJournal community st_xi_kink_meme. Prompt was: “Kirk/McCoy- sounding. I’ll take it however you want to throw it my way, but if I can be a little particular, what I’d really love is either McCoy in charge doing the penetration while they’re in the med-bay (and maybe some anal penetration with other medical tools) OR if you want to go the other way, have him in charge (lightly restrained) talking Kirk through what to do (who’s never done it before and is skeptical/a little nervous, but since McCoy seems to be so into it he’s willing to give it a try and finds seeing McCoy like that hotter than he thought he would). Come on anon, let’s put the kink back in Kink Meme!”
Warnings: Sounding, Vibrator
Pairings: James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: Explicit
Length: 745

Salt & Lime by mrasaki
Summary: For the prompt, “Body shots!”
Warnings: Drunk Sex (minus the sex)
Pairings: James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: Mature
Length: 922

Variable by viklikesfic (v_angelique)
Summary: N/A
Warnings: Pon Farr, Kink Meme
My Warnings: Bottom!Spock
Pairings: Leonard McCoy/Spock
Rating: Explicit
Length: 678

I have over 1000 bookmarks on my Archive Of Our Own page alone. Another 500 plus on my Fanfiction.net one. TRUST ME. They need organizing. So here we are . . . again. Completed novella/novel length fics that you should definitely read. Part 1 is culled from pages 1-22 of my AO3 list.

I’ve left off any hardcore non-con from this list. You’re welcome?

Batman ‘verse

Go Your Own Way by tkp (lettered)
Summary: Here’s what I started with:

I want to see a fic where instead of Wayne taking Gordon to expensive restaurants and driving him around in fancy cars and dressing him up in designer clothes, Gordon takes Wayne around to diners with sticky tables where they serve shitty coffee, and to his postage stamp apartment with its single spring bed, and Wayne wears Gordon’s cheap t-shirts and sweats and worn out boxers, and Gordon makes eggs and eats noodles out of a pan, and goes for jogs in ratty sneakers to pick up cheap cigarettes and Wayne can’t get the smell out of his $5,000 suit for a week. Oh, and it turns Bruce on.

Again, not a lot of plot.
Warnings: Daddy Kink, Daddy Issues, Angst, PWP, Slash, Dirty Talk
Pairing: Jim Gordon/Bruce Wayne
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 42k

Harry Potter ‘verse

Blood Bound by Genuka
Summary: A botched ritual, an irate Potions Master, and a series of magical chain reactions bring a new twist to the middle of Harry’s OWL year… what’s next?
Warnings: Magical Hybrids, Creature Fic, Creature Harry Potter, Vampires, Damphyr, Half-Vampires, Mpreg, bottom!Severus, Possessive!Harry, Possessive Behavior, Threesome – M/M/M
Pairing(s): Severus Snape/Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort
Rating: Mature
Word count: 75k

Bodyguard by lilyseyes
Summary: After being exposed as a spy, Snape is assigned ‘babysitting’ duties for Harry. Written pre-HBP
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 72k

Canis Lupus by TheDarkSynfulLegend
Summary: Harry has been working on becoming an animagus to spend the full moons with Remus now that Sirius is gone. Unfortunately he becomes stuck in his animal form and no one knows what has become of the young wizard. Fortunately, one Severus Snape comes across Harry and decides to adopt the stray. Harry sees a completely new side of his most hated Potions Master.
My Warnings: Animagus
Pairing: Harry Potter/Severus Snape
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 45k

Death Eaters At The Malfoy Estate by Grindylowe
Summary: Explore Severus Snape’s overworked, drug-riddled world of sexual confusion during his time as a Death Eater.
Rating: Teen and Up
Word count: 58k

Emancipation by BadGirlgoesworse
Summary: What are dependents left to do when betrayed by those they trusted most, but to find a way to become masters in their own right. Set after Department of Mysteries fiasco in Order of the Phoenix.
Warnings: Romance, Humor, Angst, Powerful Harry, Independent Harry, Loss of Virginity, Dumbledore Bashing, Ron Bashing, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Out of Character, No Horcruxes, No Deathly Hallows, mostly top Harry, mostly bottom Severus
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Severus Snape, Hermione Granger/Theodore Nott, Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasley, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 134k

Gelosaþ in Écnesse by Batsutousai
Summary: Caught in the backlash of Voldemort’s Killing Curse, Harry is thrown through time to a world so very different from his own.
Warnings: Homophobia, Racism, Time Travel, Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence
My Warning: Founder’s era
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Salazar Slytherin, Harry Potter/OFCs
Rating: Mature
Word count: 124k

Harry and the Viper’s Chess by Terias
Summary: Harry rebels against two particular traits expected of a Slytherin, that of unwavering House loyalty and self-serving ambition. As he experiences life as a student of Hogwarts, he learns that, while some of his housemates are not who they merely appear to be, others are precisely the sort of person they present. The chess board is set… How will Harry play the game?
Warnings: Slytherin!Harry, House Politics, Protective!Snape
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: Teen and Up
Word count: 78k

Harry Potter and the Problem of Potions by Wyste
Summary: Once upon a time, Harry Potter hid for two hours from Dudley in a chemistry classroom, while a nice graduate student explained about the scientific method and interesting facts about acids. A pebble thrown into the water causes ripples.

Contains, in no particular order: magic candymaking, Harry falling in love with a house, evil kitten Draco Malfoy, and Hermione attempting to apply logic to the wizarding world.
Warnings: Too many to list (you’ll see)
Pairing: Luna Lovegood/Gregory Goyle
My Warnings: Animagi, Mentor!Snape
Rating: Teen and up
Word count: 184k

Harry Potter in the Claw of the Raven by BakenandEggs
Summary: When a more studious Harry Potter enters Gringotts with Hagrid, the Goblins managed to talk to him privately – Dumbledore never saw that one coming
Warnings: Pureblood Culture, Pureblood Society, Dumbledore Bashing, Hogwarts First Year, Child Abuse, Ravenclaw!Harry Potter
Rating: Teen and Up
Word count: 56k

The Love of a Good Wizard by SweetSorcery
Summary: History of Magic has something to teach after all, and two resourceful students decide that the key to having any future at all lies in the past, and in Tom Riddle’s heart. Assuming he has one.
Warnings: Far too many to list (and they’re all mixed up too) – mostly Time Travel though
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Tom Riddle, Minerva McGonagall/Pansy Parkinson
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 75k

One For The Radio – (What The Hell Is A Radio, Potter?) by Petey_Pie
Summary: Harry had a tough childhood, but it’s hard for him to admit to anyone around him. When one night his door is knocked on by a giant of a man claiming that he, tiny little deaf Harry, was a wizard, it’s all a little hard to believe.

It only takes a trip to a strange, wizarding shopping alley, a meeting with a charming blond who is fluent in BSL, a published article on the scars adorning Harry’s body until it all comes to light.

It’s not a walk in the park by any means, but with an unlikely team by his side, Harry fights for his own happiness and he’ll be damned if he won’t get it.
Warnings: Child Abuse, Dumbledore Bashing, Slytherin!Harry, Possessive!Draco, Manipulative Dumbledore, Hurt Harry, Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Hogwarts, Ravenclaw!Hermione, bad light side, Good Dark Side, Sane Voldemort, Deaf!Harry, Parent!Tom
Pairing(s): Severus Snape/Tom Riddle, Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter (mostly pre-slash)
Rating: Mature
Word count: 46k

Second Chances by Slayer_of_Destiny
Summary: Fate decides to play with Harry’s life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father for his child. After the Order lock him up Harry flees to the father where they both may get a second chance.
Warnings: Romance, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Mpreg, Light side bashing
My Opinion: Needs a beta to make perfect, Voldemort!Saves Harry
Pairing(s): Harry Potter/Voldemort
Rating: Mature
Word count: 101k

The Secret of Slytherin by Kirinin
Summary: Before Harry’s sixth year, he never thought a great deal about how wizards Sort others: by blood, by allegiance, and by House. When those strictures begin to crumble, Harry must find his own way without relying on prejudice or presumption, aided by Severus Snape, Remus Lupin, and an increasingly enigmatic Draco Malfoy.
Warnings: BAMF!Snape, Memory Loss
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: Teen and Up
Word count: 174k

Summer Before Sixth Year by lilyseyes
Summary: The summer after the Department of Mysteries battle is a hard one for Harry, plagued by guilt but determined to make himself fit to fulfill the Prophecy. Along the way, he trains hard, and learns to trust and love. The start of a series which will eventually be a Snape mentors Harry tale.
My Warnings: Tearful. Poignant. Not Mentor!Snape though. Harry/Ginny – at the end, mostly. Nothing explicit. Just hurt/comfort, primarily. Mentor!Lupin, yes. Mentor!Dumbledore, also yes. Not Mentor!Snape.
Pairing(s): Ginny/Harry, Ron/Hermione
Rating: Teen and Up
Word count: 58k

This Unavoidable Thing Between Us by emynn (orphan_account)
Summary: Haunted by memories of the war, Harry has spent the past twenty years hiding from the Wizarding world. But when he’s convinced against his better judgment to help the Ministry commemorate the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, he is forced to confront both the ghosts of his past and the man who abandoned him when he needed him the most – Severus Snape.
Warnings: Angst, Battle of Hogwarts, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD, Romance, Writing, Reunions, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Flashbacks
Pairing(s): Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 36k

Unsaid by Dianaartemis16
Summary: “Perhaps a man who wants to redeem himself in the memory of the mother would, in turn, give comfort to a child.” Dumbledore grinned at the other man’s unbidden expression of shock. “But when said like that, it hardly encompasses the depth of emotion when I see you have cradled Harry Potter to sleep after a nightmare.” Severus scowled. “I was not cradling him.”
Warnings: Father-Son Relationship, Hurt/Comfort, Pre-Hogwarts, Child Neglect
Pairing(s): N/A
Rating: General
Word count: 35k (Yes, this fic is the reason that I picked 35k as my cut-off point)

LOTR ‘verse/Harry Potter ‘verse Crossover

Descendents of the Lost by picabone99
Summary: My take on the clichéd elfing!Harry story, hopefully with better care taken towards the integration of Harry into the LOTR books. Also elfing!Sirius.
Warnings: Elfling!Harry, Elfling!Sirius
Pairing(s): Glorfindel/Harry Potter, Aragorn/Arwen
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 94k


Because why not. I’m rather fond of rare pairings, as you might have realized, and this is definitely one of my favorites.  I may add more to this later . . . as always.

A Job Well Done by PurpleFluffyCat
Summary: …“So that is why the very same February morning saw a large, rangy old tabby cat pad along the dungeon corridors with a piece of contraband between her pointy teeth…”
Warnings: Voyeurism, sexology
My Warnings: A kiss and a lot of funny.
Length: 2,793

A Turning Towards by Delphi
Summary: The only thing more dangerous than a bastard like Snape is the man who just wants to make him happy.
Warnings: Drama, Established Relationship, BDSM, Domestic Violence, Dubious Consent, Dysfunctional Relationships
My Warnings: Not sex but feeling. So much feeling.
Length: 1,531

The Conjugal State by Delphi
Summary: In which Albus Dumbledore makes an error, Severus Snape is certainly not married, and Argus Filch is the happiest man in the world.
Warnings: Romantic Comedy, Aphrodisiacs, Domestic, Forced Marriage
My Warnings: Bottom!Snape, Indulgent!Filch
Length: 6,696

Extracurricular by Delphi
Summary: When an illicit book comes into his life by chance, seventeen-year-old Severus Snape discovers sex magic (or the next best thing to it). He embarks on an experiment (for entirely academic purposes), enlisting the caretaker as an unsuspecting but eager test subject (for purely pragmatic reasons), only to find the results more interesting than even he hypothesized.
Warnings: Loss of Virginity, Sex Magic (kind of), Sexual Experimentation, Underage
My Warnings: Bottom!Snape and sucking and touching and everything nice.
Length: 13,186

Father to the Man by Delphi
Summary: A restricted spell goes awry, and Severus Snape is left scrambling to cover his tracks. Meanwhile, Argus Filch turns out to be surprisingly good with small children, the nature of time is proven to be fiddly and anyone’s guess, and (at least one) Severus gets a second chance at life.
Warnings: Drama, Families of Choice, Kid Fic, Time Travel, Parenthood, Childhood
My Warnings: AU and awesome and sweet.
Length: 20,231

The First Time by Delphi
Summary: “He told Mr. Filch he was a virgin…”
Warnings: Smut, Loss of Virginity
My Warnings: Virgin!Filch, Needy Severus
Length: 805

The Hand That’s Dealt by Regan_V
Summary: Filch might be a squib, but he was a pureblood.
My Warnings: Hand job, blow job
Length: 3,720

He’s Just a Little Fixer-Upper by chickenlivesinpumpkin
Summary: After Voldemort’s first defeat, Snape’s grief and guilt are overwhelming, and he starts thinking about ending it all. But there’s someone in the castle who’s been watching Snape since he was a child, someone determined to put him back together again.
Warnings: Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Suicidal Thoughts, First Time, First War with Voldemort, Dirty Talk, Rare Pairings, Loss of Virginity, Underage
My Warnings:
Length: 10,128

Intruder by Delphi
Summary: Peter Pettigrew breaks into Filch’s rooms to retrieve James’s confiscated Invisibility Cloak and ends up seeing something he shouldn’t.
Warnings: Smut, Established Relationship, POV Outsider, Voyeurism, Underage
My Warnings: Bottom!Snape
Length: 4,341

Needs Must by Delphi
Summary: “This isn’t so much an arrangement as it is…a state of affairs.” A slice of life from Severus’s first year teaching.
Warnings: Age Difference, Cross-Generation Relationship, Class Issues, Caretaking, Rough Sex, Implied Underage Attraction, Brief Underage Fantasy
My Warnings:
Length: 2,408

No Need for the Niceties by vissy
Summary: Written during the June 2006 round of the Pornish Pixies Fantasy Fest for hoskie, who requested Filch/Snape, when Filch is bandaging Snape’s leg (blowjob?), can include blood play (but doesn’t have to), with Harry watching.
My Warnings: blow job
Length: 3,285

Red Cars by Delphi
Summary: In which Severus discovers the power of sixteen and sex.
Warnings: Original Male Character, Smut, Loss of Virginity, Prostitution, Authority Figures
My Warnings: Bottom!Severus. Needy Severus with a side of desperately concerned Filch.
Length: 5,262

White Nights by Delphi
Summary: In which Severus is a sound sleeper and Argus wants points for attendance.
Warnings: Romance, Late at Night, Somnophilia
My Warnings: Bottom!Severus
Length: 2,375

Wrought-Iron by Delphi
Summary: Despite his aspirations and pretensions, there is only one place in the castle where Severus feels right.
Warnings: Drama, Class Issues, Loss of Virginity, Technology
My Warnings:
Length: 569

I can’t help but be fond of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor. He was the 9th, in case you don’t keep track of such things. And as always, I fall hard for the slash pairing that seems to be one of the least common . . .

And as always, check back every so often.  I do update – not as often as I’d like, but it does happen.

Also, the ones in bold are major favorites.

9th Doctor/Jack Harkness

A Pair of Drabbles: Faith and Fantasy by Yamx
Summary: It’s easy and no big deal. It’s hard and it means the world.
Warnings: Consensual Kink
My Warnings: Somnophilia, Bottom!Jack
Length: 198

A Sonic What? by TiffanyF
Summary: Set immediately after “The Doctor Dances” (with slight spoilers for the episode) the Doctor decides that he wants to show Captain Jack Harkness exactly why a sonic screwdriver is better than a sonic blaster.
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack, sonic screwdriver as vibrator-ish object
Length: 2k

Backward and Forward in Time by writcraft
Summary: The TARDIS wants her Doctor to be happy. Captain Jack Harkness offers a solution.
My Warnings: Bottom!9th
Length: one-shot

Balcony Scene by Trobadora
Summary: “All right, Jacky-boy,” he said, flashing his brightest smile, “let’s have this out.”
Warnings: Slash
My Warnings: Hand job, Blow job
Length: 1.7k

Bathtime by Consternatio
Summary: Bathtime takes on a whole new meaning in the TARDIS.
Warnings: Slash
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack
Length: 3.9k

The Best Medicine by Yamx
Summary: In which there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Doctor. At all.
Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Sickfic
My Warnings: Blowjob
Length: 3k

bigger on the inside by wave_of_sorrow
Summary: five times jack surprises the doctor
My Warnings: Blow jobs, bottom!Jack
Length: 3k

Collar & Leash by Consternatio
Summary: Rose has been kidnapped. How far are the Doctor and Jack prepared to go to get her back (featuring PVC trousers, thigh high boots and hot-sex-against-the-wall).
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack, Blowjob, Possessiveness
Length: 4k

Dumb Luck by Becky_H
Summary: Jack gets into trouble. The Doctor gets him out again.
Warnings: Shameless, kinky PWP. Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, Masochism, electro-play – and it’s all safe, sane, consensual and caring.
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack
Length: 2.8k

First Date by jaekayelle
Summary: The Doctor gets that drink he wanted — and more.
Warnings: Spoilers for Boom Town.
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack, Bottom!9th (but it’s not particularly explicit)
Length: 2k

In Charge by Yamx
Summary: Injured and far from the TARDIS, the Doctor, Jack, and Rose have to make their way back.
Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Injury, Blindness, Stranded
My Warnings: Established Jack/9th relationship, kissing
Length: 14k

Look Down by Yamx
Summary: When the Doctor and Jack are sentenced to life in prison, Rose is left all alone looking for allies on a hostile alien world.
Warnings: Hurt/comfort, Drama, Action
My Warnings: Emotionally fraught, Bottom!Jack, Spit for lube
Length: 21k

Need by Yamx
Summary: Jack really needs the Doctor’s help. The Doctor needs Jack to promise something.
Warnings: Sex Pollen, Smut, Hurt/Comfort
My Warnings: Blow jobs, implied Bottom!Jack
Length: 2k

Opening Up by Yamx
Summary: “So,” Jack says, “are you ever going to let me top?”
Warnings: Sexual Content, Anal Sex, Explicit Sexual Content, Sex, Rimming, First Time
My Warnings: Bottom!9th
Length: 3k

Refuge by ifitwasribald
Summary: The Doctor meets Jack, but it’s not his Jack. The Doctor can’t ask what went wrong, but he can provide comfort, of a sort.
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack
Length: 2k

Rough Beginnings by Asa_Meda
Summary: Post “Empty Child” . Jack has been brought aboard the TARDIS just before his stolen ship and the German bomb he brought on board to save others is toast. It was the least the Doctor could do seeing how Jack had saved Rose… twice. But the Doctor needs to know he can trust the mysterious ex-time agent… and finds something more…
Warnings: First Time, Hurt/Comfort
My Warnings: Bottom!9th, Blowjob
Length: 6k

9th Doctor/Jack Harkness, 10th Doctor/Jack Harkness, 11th Doctor/Jack Harkness

(and always) nevermore by wave_of_sorrow
Summary: In which Jack never gets left behind on Satellite Five, and then just sort of stays. (a.k.a. the one where Jack travels/sleeps with Nine, Ten and Eleven.)
Warnings: Adult – Explicit Sex – Alternate Universe, Slash
My Warnings: Bottom!Jack, Bottom!10th
Length: 10k

Tom/Harry – Voldemort/Harry

This category is referred often along fanfic circles as “Tomarry” or “Harrymort,” the same way that Snape/Harry and Snape/Lupin are referred to as Snarry and Snupin, reflectively.

My first foray into this world was the fic by Batsutousai called “Xerosis,” where Harry Potter goes back in time and redoes the world with the eventual help of Lord Voldemort.  Of course that fic will be on this list, but the fact that I even have enough to put into a list is extremely telling of how far I’ve come into this genre.

Likewise, I suppose that the Xerosis fic has permanently broken me for my choices in this field.  I prefer a Voldemort-Harry relationship that has some equality in the interactions between the two of them.  Of course, not all of them begin with this equality.  Respect for Harry–and for Voldemort–must be won.

This post is particularly important now, given that so many HP rec lists are so often full of broken links.  That said, you can always let me know if any of my links are broken by replying to the post that the broken link lives in.  Also, if you have any recs for any of my posts, feel free to make them.  I will attempt to read them and if I like them, they will be added to the appropriate list(s).

Tom Riddle/Harry Potter or Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter

A Desperate Cry for Help: An Epistolary Tale Part One by vernie_klein
Summary: After the Department of Mysteries Fiasco, all Harry wants to do is grieve in peace. Unfortunately for him, his friends and family are going to do anything in their power to keep that from happening. The beatings Harry received before the start of 3rd year have started up again now that Sirius is gone. Will his friends be there for him or will he make new friends?
Warnings: first time, Epistolary, Manipulative Dumbledore, Evil Dumbledore, Child Abuse, Hogwarts Sixth Year, ron is a prat, Vernon Dursley is the biggest jerk, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, Suicidal Thoughts
Status: Complete, 67.9K

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground by night flame miko and Chocolate coated Blue
Summary: A bored Harry Potter is never a good thing. Dumbledore told him he couldn’t write to friends, so what about enemies? Watch as because of this, things change and truths come to ‘light’ or ‘dark’ as the case may be
Warnings: Slash
My Warnings: Crack-ish
Status: WIP, updated last in 2010, 33K and 2K+ reviews

Broken by Batsutousai
Summary: Dumbledore knew before Harry Potter came to Hogwarts what he needed the boy to do, and he knew exactly how to make him do it.
Warnings: A twist on the normal manipulative!Dumbledore story.
Status: Complete, 51.5K

Cardiomyopathy by Aisling-Siobhan
Summary: Voldemort has never lied to him before. Why would he start now? Harry reasoned that if Voldemort wasn’t lying and Voldemort really loved him, then it was ok to love him back… Even if it meant the world had to burn.
Warnings: Character death (one of those where they both die in the end), non-con het, violence, slash
My Warnings: Infidelity, broken heart, insanity
Status: Complete, 12.5K

Control by ChokolatteJedi
Summary: Harry needs control
Warnings: dark!Harry Potter, dark!Ginny Weasley, Dark, Hurt/Comfort, flashfic
My Warnings: Tom Riddle, also, Top!Harry
Status: Complete, one-shot

Dabbling With The Dark by Nyx Myst
Summary: How does Harry react when he finds out the truth behind all of Dumbledore’s secrets from Voldemort? Simple… he plots to kill them both. The only question is whether he’ll change him mind about one of them in the end.
My Warnings: Pissed off!Harry, smart!Harry
Status: Complete, 112K

Deal With The Devil by Blood.Stained.Fingers
Summary: Two-shot. AU of POA – Snape got his way and Sirius was kissed. Dumbledore wouldn’t rid the world of his pet, but if Voldemort would, then Harry would be happy to do anything the Dark Lord asked of him. Beginnings of HP/LV
My Warnings: some gore
Status: Complete, 18.7K

Dreams and Darkness Collide by Epic Solemnity
Summary: LV/HP Slash: AU: How different would Harry be if he was given a life without the expectation of saving the world? How different would he be if his hero-complex was still intact, but so twistedly dark, that he has to go through desperate means to hide it?
Warnings: Slight gore, Minister!Tom Riddle
Status: WIP, updated last in 2012, 93.8K, 1000+ reviews

Happy Harry Holidays by kcstories
Summary: After his divorce, Harry Potter moves in with Tom Riddle. So does his ten-year-old son Albus Severus, who tries his utmost to get used to his new surroundings and to the strange, sinister man his dad has fallen in love with.
Warnings: This story features characters from the DH-epilogue, but is not epilogue compliant. Also, Ginny fans may want to skip this story, as it doesn’t portray her in a very positive light.
Status: Complete, one-shot

Harry Potter and the Jealous Husband by Lady K. dAzrael
Summary: Voldemort has problems: The Death Eaters are incompetent, his underpants have turned a funny colour in the wash, and he suspects his husband still has a ‘thing’ for his ex
My Warnings: Implied blowjobs, quirky marriage fic
Status: Complete, one-shot

Harry, This One’s For You by LordVoldemort (locked to anyone who doesn’t have an account at AO3)
Summary: While sneaking around in Lord Voldemort’s bedchambers, Harry witnesses something Voldemort certainly had not intended him to witness.
Warnings: Masturbation, voyeurism, explicit. Harry is between 15-16.
On its own, this could be considered PW(a little)P, though it is part of a series.
Read author’s note for more info and news on my other works.
Status: Complete, one-shot

House of Snakes by FlitterFlutterFly
Summary: At 30 years old, Harry doesn’t have the life he’d always dreamed would come after defeating Voldemort. A chance discovery allows him an opportunity to go back in time and change some things. Wherein Harry raises his younger self, dances the political dance with Death Eaters and a resurrected Tom Riddle, and searches for a way to stop the destruction of the magical world. OldHP/TMR
Warnings: Harry raises Harry, time travel
Status: WIP, updated last in 2013, 68.8K, 900+ reviews

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Lord Voldemort by cheryl bites
Summary: Nuclear war breaks out and Voldemort casts a spell to stop time. He and Harry alone are left to defuse the missiles and prevent the war. Voldemort’s radiophobic. Oh joy.
My Warnings: mildly ridiculous and amusing
Status: WIP, updated last in 2008, 60K, 300+ reviews

More Than Meets the Eye by Tonks-is-cool
Summary: OOTP AU: Harry has suffered through a horrid summer when the Dementors attack him. What if Lucius Malfoy rescues the boy and Voldemort discovers with Nagini’s help that there is so much more to Potter than meets the Eye? Not only Harry’s world is turned upside down! Truths and loyalties are challenged on both sides of the conflict. How will Sirius or Severus react?
Warnings: Grey!Harry.
Status: WIP, updated last in 2012, 99.9K, 400+ reviews

nevermind the end by slexenskee (Sambomaster)
Summary: Meanwhile, Harry and Voldemort have a lot of sex.

this started out as serious non-con porn and then somehow ended up with hardcore feels and a possible existential crisis. I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
Warnings: non-con, underage, Porn With Plot, Explicit Sexual Content, Also a serious amount of comeplay, like I’m not kidding, Comeplay, Size Kink,
My Warnings: First half, or even two-thirds is non-con and then it changes.
Status: Complete, 66.7K

October by The Carnivorous Muffin
Summary: It is not paradox to rewrite history, in the breath of a single moment a universe blooms into existence as another path fades from view, Tom Riddle meets an aberration on the train to Hogwarts and the rest is in flux.
Warnings: AU, time travel, Death!Harry, slash
Status: WIP, updated last in June of 2015, 85K, 1000+ reviews

Oswald the Ottoman by lunakatrina
Summary: Voldemort never saw this coming! Harry aquires [sic] an ottoman…
Warnings: AU, ignores DH and most of HBP for it’s [sic] own sanity
My Warning: Crack
Status: Complete, 6.9K

Paradise Lost by neko-chan -Silver Tongue
Summary: With one question posed to the Sorting Hat, Harry Potter’s life changes completely.
Warnings: Slytherin!Harry
Status: WIP, updated last in 2012, 96K, 1000+ reviews

Paraselenic by EmpyrealFantasy
Summary: With maturity comes understanding, and Harry understands just fine. After ten years in training, Harry returns to the moment he left…with a whole new plan for himself. ºThe Light will never know what hit itº
Warnings: Vampire!Harry Dark!Harry, time travel-ish, Powerful!Harry
Status: Complete, 221K

Schooled by WyrdSmith
Summary: 7th Year Gryffs learn why it is never a good idea to piss off their favorite victim, shy Ravenclaw Hadrian Morgan. The orphan’s payback during Professor Slytherin’s class is BEAUTIFUL & piques the interest & libido of the Lord Marvolo Slytherin, who courts him with the aid of most of the School. But just how naive is Hadrian Morgan, really?
Warnings: TMR/HP Slash OOC AU
Status: WIP, last updated in 2013, 125K, 3000+ reviews

Second Chances by slayer of destiny
Summary: Fate decides to play with Harry’s life again, giving him a chance at a family but with the most shocking father. After the Order lock him up Harry flees to the father where they both may get a second chance.
Warnings: MPREG Now rated M
Status: Complete, 113K

Surrender by Paimpont
Summary: Harry writes a letter of surrender to Voldemort. The Dark Lord is intrigued.
Status: Complete, 66K

Taken by Surprise by BabblingSquirrel
Summary: Innocent and harmless as he appears, Harry Potter is anything but – and after years of sitting tight, on the move. Can the Dark Lord cope with the bombshell? Will the wizarding world ever be the same if he can? Warnings: Independent!Harry, Powerful!Harry, eventual SLASH
Status: WIP, updated last in 2013, 70.6k, 400+ reviews

The Bitter Hug of Mortality by Meh_forget_it
Summary: Harry is the younger brother of the Boy Who Lived and is a little strange. He hears voices no one else can hear, he knows things no one else should know and he’s just this side of crazy. Oh, and everyone thinks he’s a squib. When it comes to Harry, however, all bets are off and nothing is entirely certain.
Warnings: Necromancer!Harry, Slightly insane!Harry, Rituals, Major Character Deaths (of a sort), squib!Harry, Different Boy Who Lived, The Old Gods – Freeform, Pagan Festivals
My Opinion: adorable and insane harry. And Harry gets to annoy Voldie and drive him crazy with his weirdness. Double bonus!
Status: WIP, 101.5K

The Black Bunny by Windseeker2305
Summary: Harry’s had it with his destined role after the Order does something he can’t forgive. Now he’s done with both sides of the war and wants to be left alone. But since when have his wishes ever counted for anything?
Warnings: LV/HP Slash & MPREG.
My Warnings: Voldie saves Harry . . . in more ways than one. This is a favorite.
Status: WIP, updated last in May 2015, 464K, 4000+ reviews

The Chosen One Is Dead, Long Live the Chosen One by BeastOfTheSea
Summary: “Both I and the old fool took the boy of prophecy to be Longbottom – the heir to an ancient line of great power, the child of those who had most publicly defied the Dark Lord and lived, and, after the calamity of 1981, the one apparently marked by the Dark Lord as his equal.” Lord Voldemort turned his wand over and over again in his long-fingered hands. “But, I now wonder… perhaps, in our arrogance, we unconsciously endeavored to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. And failed.”
Warnings: Dark!Harry, Alternate Universe, Dumbledore-bashing, Dark wins
Status: Complete, one-shot

The Fickle Hand of Fate by Aisling-Siobhan
Summary: Harry Potter died in 1981, but in 1993 Harry finally arrives at Hogwarts. No one seems to know he should be dead, except Dumbledore, who stole someone else’s son to replace the Boy-Who-Didn’t-Live.
Warnings: AU SiriusBarty. LVHP preslash.
Status: Complete, 16K

The Love of a Good Wizard by SweetSorcery
Summary: History of Magic has something to teach after all, and two resourceful students decide that the key to having any future at all lies in the past, and in Tom Riddle’s heart. Assuming he has one.
Warnings: so many warnings
Status: Complete, 75K

The Vitruvian Man by Mistress Slytherin
Summary: Harry Potter is no longer an innocent child, war and violence have stolen it from him, but in a twist of fate he is given a second chance, what will he do with it?
Warnings: violence, questionable morals, homosexual relationships, language
My Warnings: Time travel
Status: Complete, 85K

Wrong For Him by TanukiRaccoon
Summary: Harry Potter scowled as he fisted his hands in his hair. Why was this happening to him? All he wanted to do was lose his virginity! But everyone was just, wrong. Perhaps he was being a little too picky?
Warnings: Crack
Status: Complete, one-shot

Xerosis by Batsutousai
Summary: Harry’s world ends at the hands of those he’d once fought to save. An adult-Harry goes back to his younger self fic. Semi-super!Harry
Warnings: Major Character Death, Alternate Universe, Dark!Harry, evil!Harry, semi-super!Harry, M/M, F/M (references to)
My Warnings/Opinion: Slash (but only in the very mild, most basic form), Ravenclaw!Harry, quasi-Vampire!Harry, time travel
Status: Complete, 135K

Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy

Bind the Serpent by AnnaDruvez
Summary: Kidnapped from the Dursley’s Harry has more to face than Voldemort’s death… Such as LV’s new interests. Rated M for later chapters.
My Warnings: Forced bonding fic, messed up ritual etc.
Status: WIP, updated last in 2006, 18K (almost 19K!), 200+ reviews

Lord Voldemort/Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape

Voldybear & the Three Wizards by Shivani
Summary: My take on a fractured fairytale. Featuring innocent, naïve Voldybear.
Warnings: crack
My Warnings: naive bottom!Voldie.
Status: Complete, one-shot


Boredom is Deadly by preciousann
Summary: For Harry, the ‘next great adventure’ isn’t really all that great. After two-thousand years of dealing with the whining souls of the dead, he decides to spice things up a bit…by returning to his first year at Hogwarts.
Warnings: Crackfic! MOD!Harry Darkish!Harry GaryStu!Harry with a twist. NO Bashing!
Status: WIP, last updated in August 2015, 40K

Keeping Appearances by TheEscapeFromReality
Summary: Harry walks the halls of Hogwarts seriously injured and is confronted by the Slytherins. They take him to Snape, who uses Legilimency to make a startling discovery. Is Dumbledore really who he says he is? Is Harry really on the right side of the war?
Warnings: Goodish!Voldemort, No Slash, Powerful Harry, Mentor Snape, Good Malfoys, super bad Dumbles, very abused Harry, AU Goblet of Fire
Status: Complete, 98.5K

The Nightmare Man by Tiro
Summary: In the depths of the Ministry, there is a cell for the world’s most dangerous man… and he wants out.
Warnings: Time travel, gore, light!bashing, Twisted!Harry, Evil!Harry, violence
My Opinion: A definite favorite.
Status: Complete, 114K

LOTR Elrond Slash

I haven’t the faintest idea how I got into this genre.  I blame it on the ever elusive elfling!Harry fics.

Clearly, I have an interest in Elrond fics.  Then again, lately I’ve also found myself getting into Erestor/Glorfy.  🙂


Happiness, As Promised
Summary: Erestor wishes upon a cookie.
Warnings: Wine, Questionable Lubricant, First Time, Sexual Content, Flirting

Quiet by Snow Glows Blue
Summary: “Lord Elrond?” Erestor asks after everybody else has filed out of the room. Elrond doesn’t respond; he hears the words, but they sit idle in his mind as he tries to make sense of them. “Kitten?” the Councilor repeats, and that gets his attention because only Erestor calls him that, and usually only in bed.
My Warnings: Adorableness, sweetness


Waking by CJK
Summary: Elrond wakes up in a compromising position, and things just happen.
Warnings: This is ElrondGlorfindel slash, do not read if you’re underage, or offended by mm material.
My Warnings: First time (no penetration), blowjob, handjob

White Roses by Geale
Summary:  Where shadowed memories linger, there can also be light. Early morning in Imladris.
Warnings: Elrond/Glorfindel SLASH.
My Warnings: first person, bottom!elrond


Deception by Eressë
Summary: Sometimes, a deception is needed to soothe a weary soul.
Warnings: One-Shot, Implied Unrequited Love, Mildly Dubious Consent
My Warnings: possible penetration, possibly not? unclear – so maybe bottom!Elrond, maybe not.

Examination by Cheysuli (posted by MyCrimsonDawn)
Summary:  Elrond tries to explain something to a fiveyearold Estel, much to Legolas’ amusement.
Warnings: OneShot, Slash.
My Warnings:  bottom!Legolas

Perfect Contradictions by Kevikel
Summary: A scene between Elrond and Legolas
My Warnings: One shot, bottom!Legolas

The Courtship of Elrond (Or How Elrond Had A Plan). by annakas
Summary: Legolas prince of Mirkwood and fierce warrior of Mirkwood is courting Elrond the Lord of Imladris. Elrond definitely has to stop this foolishness.
My Warnings: Bottom!Elrond

Why the Loremaster Sailed by Umeko
Summary: The aftermath of King Elessar and Queen Arwen’s wedding feast, or the crackfic on why the Loremaster sailed.
Warnings: Aragorn/Arwen (het! oh no!), Elrond/Legolas, Thranduil/surprise character, Humor, Consensual, Drunk Sex, Misbehaving elves, crackfic, Awkward Sexual Situations
My Warnings: Bottom!Legolas

Elrond/Melpomaen (Figwit?)

Pleasure from Pain by lotrangel17
Summary: While trying to help a friend Mel is hurt but thankfully Elrond comes to his aid with help and more.
My Warnings: Bottom!Melpomaen


The king’s Tribute by Elrond
Summary: While visiting Mirkwood on a diplomatic trip, Glorfindel has a bit too much wine and has a passionate affair with Thranduil’s elk. The king is not happy and demands “tribute” from Lord Elrond in payment for Glorfindel’s idiotic actions.
Warnings: Slash, Humor, Porn With Plot, Drunken Shenanigans
My Warnings: bottom!elrond, first time

Battlestar Galactica Slash

Recently started watching Battlestar Galactica (2003) with a friend of mine, because the local Blockbuster is finally going out of business.  Mostly done with season 1 and I’ve only just now started wondering about various characters as potential slashy characters.  *grins and rubs hands*  Anywho, I found a few between Colonel Tigh and Commander Adama and thought I’d share.

Tigh and Adama (not slash)

Solitary Acts by tjonesy
Summary:  Boys will be boys.
Warnings:  Masturbation
My Opinion:  Ridiculously funny

William Adama/Saul Tigh

Apogee, Perigee by fragrantwoods
Summary:  Saul had never seen “that” put up in a Triad game before…but he’d win it, for Bill. An unexpected but very welcome weekend ensues. Takes place AU, initially, while Saul and Bill are in the merchant fleet.
Warnings:  Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence, Romantic Fluff, Romantic Angst, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Eventual Happy Ending, Porn With Plot

A Quiet Revolution by The_Plaid_Slytherin
Summary:  When the discovery of Earth leaves Bill with the feeling that things couldn’t get any worse, he welcomes a development he can feel good about.
Warnings:  First time, smut
My Warnings:  blow jobs, mutual masturbation

Barometric Pressure by The_Plaid_Slytherin
Summary:  When a storm interrupts Saul’s afternoon by the lake, he and Bill find something to do inside.
Warnings: Smut, Pre-Canon
My Warnings: Bottom!Tigh

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