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Lube? What Lube?


Oh, because clearly lube isn’t necessary in anal sex . . . of course not.  Silly me.



More by Mithen
Summary: Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by Poison Ivy. Superman comes to the rescue.
Warnings: Sex pollen, captivity, bondage, first time
My Warnings/Opinion: It’d be better with lube. Bottom!Batman, blow job.

Criminal Minds


A Gentle Thaw by ilovetvalot
Summary: Trapped in a snowstorm, can Aaron Hotchner and Spencer Reid find their way?
My Warnings/Opinion: blow jobs, Lube? What Lube?, Bottom!Reid

Okay, so they’re using lubricated condoms. Big whoop. I’ve used those. They aren’t enough. Besides, there was no stretching involved. Really, I expect better of this author.

Art Lovers HotchReid by Silver-Afrit
Summary: Reid and Hotch survey the clean up of their latest case in an art museum. Hotch decides to have some naughty fun in public.\n
My Warnings: Public sex (ish), Bottom!Reid, needs a beta (ish), Lube? What Lube?

I think it’s a safe bet that Silver-Afrit doesn’t understand the mechanics of anal sex . . . If only he/she were the only one. *sigh*

Camping is Refreshing by Silver-Afrit
Summary: Hotch, Reid, Morgan, and Gideon go camping. Hotch and Reid get lost in the woods and spend a rather interesting night in a cavern.
Warnings: Slash: One shot Lemon Slight spoilers for Hotchner.
My Warnings/Opinion: Bottom!Reid, Lube? What lube?, first time

Most idiotic line: “Am I hurting you? You said you were ready.”  Of course he’s not ready, Hotch! No lube!!! Ack!

Harry Potter

Remus Lupin/Harry Potter

An Apple a Day by abstractconcept
Summary: Harry’s avoiding Potions and hoping to have an easy time hanging about with Remus. But then Harry discovers a dirty magazine and Remus accidentally touches a magical object designed to bring out the beast in anyone. And Remus has more beast than most. Can Harry handle it?
Warnings: AU, Chan, Rimming, Spanking, Biting, dub-con in a sex-pollen type scenario, dildo-play, Felching, Porn, Smut
My Warnings/Opinion: Bottom!Harry, underage, Lube? What Lube?, first time, Teacher-Student

This fic . . . this fic has problems, but not the usual sort (i.e. grammar, spelling etc.). Either Harry is just really mentally off in this, or the author doesn’t understand how these things work.

Author has also apparently removed all of his/her stories from this archive.

Batman ‘Verse – Other Pairings

Batman/Robin and Batman/Nightwing pairings are here.  I think every slash pairing on this post could qualify under “rare,” but who knows.  Oh, except maybe the Batman/Superman ones.

I suppose that a lot of these are technically crossovers between the comic ‘verse and toon ‘verse and the Justice League . . . blah.  I don’t really care.

  • Batman

Batman paired with the Green Lantern.  Does that qualify as a rare pairing?  Maybe. If rare pairing is equal to being “ridiculously hard to find,” then I’d say it qualifies.

Which Green Lantern is listed here?  The John Stewart one, unless noted otherwise.

From Green Lantern #156Batman/Green Lantern

Power Lines by Te
Summary:  It’s not a relationship.
Ratings Note: NC-17.
My Warnings:  Bottom!GreenLantern, blow jobs, rare pairing

Batman/Flash (Wally West)

If Batman/Green Lantern pairings are ridiculously hard to find, then Batman/Flash pairings are only slightly better.  I think authors enjoy putting these two together if only because they are complete and utter opposites.

And in this moment by Te
Summary:  Wally’s got a visitor.
Ratings Note:  NC-17. So very, very NC-17.
My Warnings:  Gee, where should I start . . .  rare pairing, blow jobs/hand jobs, first time, rimming, Bottom!Flash (multiple orgasms?).  Um.  That’s mostly it.

Point Proven by Jazyrha
Summary:  Wally has a point to prove.
Warnings: Bondage, Restraints, Humour, Banter, Mild Language, Sexual Content
My Warnings:  Bottom!Flash

Possibility by Te
Summary:  Wally tries hard.  Batman doesn’t.
Ratings Note: NC-17.
Author’s Note: Never in my life did I think I’d write this pairing.   I’ve *mocked* this pairing. I know better now.
My Warnings:  hand job, literal darkness, first time, rare pairing.  Also, this is the first of a three part series.  I don’t much like the ones after (not b/c they aren’t good, but b/c they aren’t my thing).

Date Night is the next fic, and In the hollows of his love comes after that.

same grim giving, The by shrift
Summary/Warning:  Sex pollen
My Warnings:  Hand jobs, Bottom!Flash, sort of dub-con, but not really . . . you’ll see.

This Fever, Spreading by Te
Summary: Wally knows he shouldn’t.
Ratings Note/Warning: NC-17. Possible disturbing content.
My Warnings: Finger fucking, blow jobs

Threats and Promises by laceymcbain
Summary:  Bruce had said if Wally didn’t come back, he’d come and get him. It wasn’t a threat. It was a promise.
Warnings:  Shower sex, angst, established relationship (it’s part 6 of a series – but not really necessary to read others unless you want to . . .)
My Warnings:  Finger fucking, blow jobs

Trespass not on his solitude by shrift
Summary: “You shouldn’t be here,” Batman says.
Warnings:  First Time, Hot Tub, justice league (animated)
My Warnings: Bottom!Flash

Batman/Gordan/Harvey Dent – from Nolan movies

Men on the Chessboard by jane_potter
Summary:  In the end, everything is very simple: Bruce is the legend, Harvey is the lion, and Jim is the law; and if this is the sum of them, then they are nothing if not with each other. This thing between them– whatever it is– has bound them together for years, and all that’s really certain is that both Gotham and they are better for it.
Warnings:  Threesome – M/M/M, Blow Jobs, Dirty Talk, Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Chess, Blindfolds
My Opinion/Warnings: Bottom!Dent. Rare Pairing (at least with all three of them).  They know his secret identity and Dent is still Dent.


Hell or High Water by Azurine
Summary: “I told you not to touch it.”
Warnings: Aliens-Make-Them-Do-It
My Warnings/Opinion: Bottom!Batman, friggin’ hilarious

“Um. . .” said Bruce. Vaguely, he wondered how exactly *he* always ended up being the guy who had to deal with strange shit like this. Captain America probably *never* had to watch gay porn in an alien spaceship.

In, around, through by Te
Summary: Eventually, they were going to have to talk. One way or another.
Ratings Note: NC-17
My Warnings/Opinion: Bottom!Batman (oh hell yes!), finger fucking, public sex (ish).

This pairing is just a problem waiting to happen. I mean, the Dark Knight and the Boy Scout? On the other hand, I like when people write Supes with a little depth (really, any would be more than most). And Bottom!Bats . . . geez. Look at the others on this list. Batman NEVER bottoms, except in non-con sometimes. So hot.

Batman (Bruce)/Batman (Terry McGinnis)

Even the wildest animals by Te
Summary: Terry isn’t entirely altruistic.
Ratings Note: NC-17. Cold weather comfort fic with porn.
My Warnings: Blow job, hand job, massage, age difference, technically chan . . . sort of. Like Terry’s old enough to be Batman, but not have sex with guys more than FOUR TIMES his age? Dude.

Grace, force, fascination by Te
Summary: Terry knows how to get what he wants.
Ratings Note: NC-17.
My Warnings/Opinion: Age difference (like extreme, and technically chan, I suppose, even if Terry is 16 or 17), blow jobs, finger fucking, Bottom!Batman (Terry), light begging.

I don’t think I’ve ever read this pairing anywhere else, but then again, I really didn’t care for this Batman that much, so it’s likely I just never looked. *slightly feral grin* But Te does it right.

  • Alfred Pennyworth

Alfred Pennyworth/Lucius Fox

Backstage by Yahtzee
Summary:  “We are neither of us what we were intended to be.”  Some love stories are no worse for an interruption.
My Warnings:  Kisses.  *pleased*  Rare pairing.

Hidden Depths by minim_calibre
Summary: For Porn Battle 8, prompt Alfred/Lucius, dedication
My Warnings: Hand job, rare pairing

Old, Familiar Things by lonelywalker
Summary:  Alfred and Lucius’ first evening in the new and improved Wayne Manor.
My Warnings/Opinion:  Bottom!Alfred (which leaves me halfway between “wow!” and “oh god”).  However, it’s not explicit, so I’m definitely more on the “wow” side.  Vague, general, but still spicy. 🙂  Rare pairing?

  • Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn/Joker

Bad Jokes by hahaharley
Summary: Harley sees a case that could make her career. The Joker sees a naïve young therapist with a breakable mind. Swiftly, he lures her into a downward spiral, resulting in her defeat and rebirth as Harley Quinn, the only one capable of surviving at his side.
Warnings: Psychological Drama, Thriller, Suspense, Graphic depictions of violence
My Warnings/Opinion: het!, really awesome fic

Forty Eight by rapacityinblue
Summary: One man’s freedom is another’s descent into madness.
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, [references to] child abuse
My Warnings/Opinion: The allure of the Joker . . . to a young Harley Quinn.

Malady by hahaharley
Summary: The Joker is sick, so Harley does what any girl with a deathly ill, overachieving partner would do— she drugs him and handcuffs him to the bed until he gets better.
Warnings: Psychological Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Graphic depictions of violence
My Warnings/Opinion: addiction, het

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